Avoid that a QDialog activates with show()

  • Hello,
    I have an application that is a main window, which can have several QDialogs as children (always in front). When I create and show such a child QDialog, it activates (i.e. it gets the mouse and keyboard focus/input, which is normal). However, I would prefer to have the QDialog not activate, since I still need the keyboard focus on the main window.
    So what I am currently doing is:


    But I feel this is not the correct way of doing. Is there a way to show a QDialog without having it activated automatically?
    Thanks for any information

  • An option could be to add the Qt::WindowDoesNotAcceptFocus flags attributs of your dialog,
    if your dialog doesn't have any line or text edit.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. My Dialogs have actually those line widgets, etc. They are more like contextual tool window, that pop open if a certain object is selected in the main window. The User will very probably continue to work in the main window, but if he/she clicks on the child dialog, he/she can change the selected object's properties.

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    There's an attribute for that. Somewhere before showing the dialog call setAttribute(Qt::WA_ShowWithoutActivating) on it.

  • That's just perfect! How could I oversee this?
    Thanks a lot!

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