Recover source after power cut

  • OW Disaster. I was working on My_First_Calculator.cpp here and suddenly electricity was cut. After a little while when I reopened the program, nothing was remained in My_First_Calculator.cpp. Everything was vanished.
    How to recover it please?
    I remember that I would press ctrl+s in each a few minutes.

  • @tomy

    Checkout the folder where your source is located. There should be a file "My_First_Calculator.cpp.*" with a "funny" extension. Those files are holding the source while you have not pressed the saving sequence. I guess the file is being removed in the process of saving.

    If the last thing you have done was ctrl+s there was an additional problem causing the deletion of all content in the file.

  • @koahnig
    No, after pressing ctrl +s I worked for a little while and then power was cut. Thanks.
    I also check that folder. There is My_First_Calculator with cpp extension but not any other extensions.
    Maybe it's gone!

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