Debugger hangs on Mac OS X...

  • I'm running the latest QT Creator on Mac OS X, and the Debugger hangs whenever I try to reveal the contents of a class. The debugger logs reads:

    eERROR: Lldb stderr: error: lauroundgridglfilter.o DWARF DW_TAG_array_type DIE at 0x000140ca has a class/union/struct element type DIE 0x000140d6 that is a forward declaration, not a complete definition.
    eTry compiling the source file with -fno-limit-debug-info or disable -gmodule

    eERROR: Lldb stderr: warning: (x86_64) /Users/dllau/SourceTree/build-LAU3DVideoRecorder-Desktop_Qt_5_7_0_clang_64bit-Debug/lauroundgridglfilter.o 0xb000af861: DW_AT_specification(0x00013266) has no decl

  • I have this problem too. Have you find any solution? I posted on stackoverflow here:

  • I'm working on a big application using Qt and we have the same issue since a while. It's not clear in which condition it happens, but cleaning the whole folder and rebuilding doesn't help... Updating XCode, QtCreator or changing Qt library version

  • I had the same problem and solved it by setting the debugger to


  • @Ilja use that one but it still hangs when looking into some classes. Sometimes it gets there but sometimes it takes a very long time and I just have to give up.

  • @mabeghin I remember having to also set the debugger for the kit, after having added it globally.

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