Focus and Change in Icon

  • How do I change the Icon of QPushButton when it has focus and also when it doesn't have?I had tried with hasFocus() to change the Icon but again I need to reset it by calling another function.Mainly I need to change the Icon when I change the focus with arrow keys in the keyboard.

  • Try something like this:

    navButton->setStyleSheet("QPushButton { background-color:red; } QPushButton:focus { background-color:blue; }");

    The code snippet is from "stackoverflow": because a common task was discussed there too.

    Of course instead of changing just the background color you can modify the code snippet to change the icon of your button.

  • HI thank You..I had tried it but of no use.On focus it doesnot work.I had used QtCreator for designing my forms.There I had used different icons for various states like Normal,Selected,Disabled but it doesn't work.

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