"quickly design" Widget, does it exist?

  • Hello,

    I'm a bit of a noob to QT designer but I like what I have seen so far. I'm following this tutorial but I am confused by one of the instructions.

    The tutorial instructs to pull a number of widgets onto the main window as , which is fine, except for one of them it names as "quickly design" (see attached image) which isn't in the list of widgets. The instruction seems to me a bit ambiguous. Can anyone clarify what I am supposed to do?

    alt text

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    Hi and welcome to Qt user forum
    No there is nothing of the Desktop Widgets that are named like that
    Only thing that sounds like that is QML

    Do you have link to tut ?
    Maybe its more clear from text than the table ?

    Filename could be LineEdit
    output format could be combo box with format options
    imageLabel1/2 sounds like a label where we use the
    pixmap property to set an image to the QLabel.

  • Hello mrji,

    Yes, here is the link to the full tutorial:



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    Disclaimer: I am Python noob :)

    Ok some of it is known. like
    "we have created two labels on the form called imageLabel1 and imageLabel2. "
    So those are QLabels.

    Then there is
    outputFormat = str(self.ui.outputFormat.text())
    which is the "outputFormat" and it seems like a text control.
    QPlainTextEdit will do.

    also inputFile = str(self.ui.fileName.text())
    which also seems a QPlainTextEdit

    This based on the use of text() to get the text. Normally it might be
    toPlainText() ( in c++) but the Python bindings might not be 1-1 ?

    It could be wrong. ( as in I guess wrongly :)

  • ok, thanks mrjj, i'll give that a go,


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    Good luck
    If u didnt read
    Its a good read to understand how the signal and slot thing works :)

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