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QSqlRelationalTableModel does not update

  • Hi, i am try to do an application with the Relational Table Model. I have two tables linked with one foreign key. Like this:

    ingredientes = new QSqlRelationalTableModel(this);
    ingredientes->setRelation(2, QSqlRelation("Productos", "id", "producto"));
    ingredientes->setFilter("receta_id = " + QString::number(model->data(model->index(0,0)).toInt()));

    The table RecetaProductos has 3 columns (receta_id, cantidad, producto_id)
    and other table Productos has 2 columns (id, nombre)

    Then i set the item delegate and model to the TableView

    ui->tableView_2->setItemDelegate(new QSqlRelationalDelegate(ui->tableView_2));

    When i run the application i can see the table with the values of foreign key good, but when i try to edit a field i have and sql error, with this message

    QSqlError("1", "Unable to execute statement", "no such column: RecetaProductos.nombre")

    The QSql is trying to add a column that not exist, the column's name is from the foreign key and not the column of the table RecetaProductos, producto_id.

    How can i change this? Any people knows how do?


  • I can solved. The problem is: The table RecetaProductos does not have a index key, i add one column with name id, and mark as index and then, the application runs well.

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