QRegExp for String in quotes

  • Hi,

    I am looking for the right QRegExp to detect a string within quotes. The expression should capture singe and double quotes and recognise escaped quotes. In PHP this would be the right one but it does not work in a QRegExp.



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    Are you using Qt 4 or 5, if Qt 5 then change for QRegularExpression.

    You can also use QRegularExpression tool to test and validate your regular expressions.

  • Thanks for the answer. Is this the only way? Is it not possible to do it with QRegExp? I am working an a highlighter, from the example and going to QRegularExpression breaks my code =(

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    Do you mean the syntax highlighter example ?

    You also have the regular expression tool for QRegExp.

  • const QRegularExpression matchQuoted(R"**((?<!\\)([\"'])(.+?)(?<!\\)\1)**");

    recognise escaped quotes

    Here I suppose that to escape a quote you use the C way (\") rather than the VBA way ("")

  • Hi all,

    thanks for the help so far. Yes, this is the example I am working with. The issue is in the header file

        struct HighlightingRule
            QRegExp pattern; // <- here
            QTextCharFormat format;

    When I change this line to QRegularExpression pattern; I get an error:

    \components\highlighter.h:80: Fehler: field 'pattern' has incomplete type 'QRegularExpression' QRegularExpression pattern;

    I have too little knowledge about C++ or Qt to understand that.

  • add #include <QRegularExpression> at the top of the file

  • Wow that is the solution. I did not think of that because Qt Creator picked it up in auto complete so I guessed it was included...

    So what I did in case someone is facing the same issue:
    In the syntax highlighter example I exchanged all QRegExp with QRegularExpression (except on the multiline thing) and included QRegularExpression in the header file. In the cpp file I changed the block function like this:

    void Highlighter::highlightBlock(const QString &text)
        foreach (const HighlightingRule &rule, highlightingRules) {
            QRegularExpression exp(rule.pattern);
            QRegularExpressionMatchIterator matches = exp.globalMatch(text);
            while (matches.hasNext()) {
                QRegularExpressionMatch match = matches.next();
                setFormat(match.capturedStart(), match.capturedLength(), rule.format);

    This works but throws a lot of warning:

    QRegularExpressionPrivate::doMatch(): called on an invalid QRegularExpression object
    So I guess the code can be optimized...

    Thanks again for the help.

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    I have an update to the example almost ready, I'll submit it later when done.

  • @VRonin said in QRegExp for String in quotes:

    const QRegularExpression matchQuoted(R"**((?<!\\)([\"'])(.+?)(?<!\\)\1)**");

    Sorry to bother you again. How do I make this work for multiline as well?

  • const QRegularExpression matchQuoted(R"**((?<!\\)([\"'])(.+?)(?<!\\)\1)**",QRegularExpression::DotMatchesEverythingOption | QRegularExpression::MultilineOption);

  • Okay I was missing the DotMatchesEverythingOption. The line break was probably not included. Now I got it working the Simulator.


  • If you want to match even empty strings ("" or '') replace (.+?) with (.*?)

  • @SGaist said in QRegExp for String in quotes:

    I have an update to the example almost ready, I'll submit it later when done.

    I am interested to see that because I was not able to do a multiline String highlight with the expression suggested by VRonin.

    I do not really understand how this works with the blocks and everything. So probably the text variable is not containing the right section for the expression to work.

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