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"stackView is busy" problem

  • hy @ all
    my app has some serious problems with a StackView. when a co-worker was testing the app, he was able to get it freezed, because he was tapping very fast on the screen. so I tried to spot the error, and finally found the problem.
    it only happens when the MouseArea contains stackView.push(a component) or stackView.pop(). I suppose it's because the stackview is busy while the second (or even third, fourth...) click is registered and it then freezes the app. need to be said, that after a while the app sometimes starts working again, but most of the time a restart is needed.
    anyway, I've created this workaround in the stackview:

             onBusyChanged: {
                    // don't show stackView, so no further clicks are possible
                    stackView.visible = false
                } else{
                    // show stackView again
                    stackView.visible = true
                    console.log("not busy anymore")

    but this seems not like a solution for me, because in another app the problem doesn't appear.
    do you guys have any clues about what happens here? let me know if you need more code/information

    thanks in advance!

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