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QMake module path for KArchive

  • Hi,
    I installed KArchive on my system using apt-get install.
    And I m using a local Qt installed from the website package.
    So, to use KArchive, I need to add in my qmake :

     Qt += KArchive 

    Because, I m not using Qt from my system but from a custom installed /home/boby/
    I have copied the module definition from system to my Qt dir installation :

    cp /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/mkspecs/modules/qt_KArchive.pri  ~/Linux_data/Qt/5.7/gcc_64/mkspecs/modules

    So now it works fine ! But it's pretty ugly. Is there a variable environement or something else to do this better ?

  • You can just do the linking manually...

    INCLUDEPATH += "$$(KDELIBPATH)/include/KF5/KArchive"
    LIBS +=  -L"$$(KDELIBPATH)/lib"  -lKF5Archive

    instead of $$(KDELIBPATH) use the one where you installed KArchive

  • @VRonin perfect ! Thx

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