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How to Log to a Server (like logentries, loggly...)

  • Is there a way to get all logs from my application and send them to a log server, like Logentries? I would like to have access to my clients logs without asking them to submit their files.

    It's probably a simple question but couldn't find a solution for the problem.

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    I don't know any of these solutions but a quick look at logentries site shows they have a REST API, so you can use QNetworkAccessManager to send your logs.

    Btw. I hope you do inform your users somehow that you're spying on them?

  • @rafaelcgo

    Certainly this is possible The question is if you should do it without client's permission. You might not care if someone is sending off some data to another place, but your customers might. And for sure I would!

    With permission of customers I would consider to use ftp solutions or something with SQL.

    If the customers are smart enough to run a virus checker, they will find out most likely, that you are trying to get the data out of their computer.

  • Thanks @Chris-Kawa, I had seen this solution but was looking for a more "native" approach, maybe with other services.

    My first goal is to have crash data to see which bugs my clients might be encountering.

    @koahnig, I see your concern (and agree with it) and I naturally will inform users about sending data usage.

    What I want to achieve is similar to Google Analytics, but for desktop apps (like
    Tracking user activity is a big plus to understand how users behave and what I can improve.

    How Qt community tracks user usage and crash reports?

  • @rafaelcgo

    I am not "happy" enough to share anything automatically with Google or others.

    I have not come across an automatic response question for Qt stuff, yet. My guess that most users ask questions on their crashes here or file a bug report on JIRA. Also reports on JIRA require sometimes questions back for getting a solution.

    Possibly there is something for licensing users of Qt.

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    @rafaelcgo said in How to Log to a Server (like logentries, loggly...):

    I had seen this solution but was looking for a more "native" approach

    I'm not sure what you mean by "more native"? There's a storage cloud that offers an API. There's a Qt app that uses Qt network class to send the data using that API. I can't see anything being more native. Certainly not bringing yet another 3rd party service into it.

    The way the projects I've worked on approached this was there's a crash handler that shows the user a friendly "oh no!" type of message and asks if he would like to report a bug and supply the crashlog. If agreed on, the crash handler would just copy the data to some server via REST, SOAP, or, in one case, through an email. I didn't work on active usage data collection though, just bug reporting.

    Although I agree telemetry is invaluable for developers I really really hate it as a user and I would personally restrict it to a beta or insider preview type of scenarios. Please lets not bring the problems of web to desktop/mobile apps. Just because aggressive hidden analytics are widespread it doesn't mean they're good. My 0.02$

  • @Chris-Kawa and @koahnig
    Thanks for the conversation and for your opinions!
    I think I will ask for users about sending usage statics on app first run and might use the QNetworkAccessManager.

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