Qt Creator problem by set breakpoint

  • Hello,

    i use Qt5.6 and Qt Creator 4.2 on an Win7 64bit system.
    There is no problem to compile and run my 32bit-application.
    But when i want to set an Breakpoint the qt creator freeze and becomes at the title-text "(Not Responding)" for ~1min. The started application runs without an freeze.
    After that the breakpoint is set and the debugger works with that breakpoint. Also jump forward is normal.
    But always if i set, remove, enable or disable a breakpoint it freezes.
    I already tried to remove debug and release-folder and all generated files (also the .user file), reinstalled the debugger, removed "%appdata%/QtProject".

    Has someone an idea what i can try to remove this freeze?

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    Try disabling the "Run in terminal" checkbox if it's enabled. It might be related to a bug I encountered recently.

  • This checkbox is already disabled. It's a GUI-Application.

  • Since this week i have no problems. Maybe an Windows update.

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