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Fatal Error U1077 0x3

  • Hi guys,
    i wanted to install qt. So i started configure in the command prompt. after the installation i started the command nmake.
    But i get always an error U1077 0x3 : Building QtQml requires Phython.

    see picture

    Then I installed Phython but nothing changed,,,
    sb has an idea ?

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    First thing, do you really want to build Qt ?

    If so, did you restart the build from a new command line ? Otherwise your python installation won't be taken into account.

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    @BadHombre Probably exactly what @SGaist said. If you can run python in the cmd then the make should work. Try running it. If it doesn't work, you might need to re-login into windows or even reboot (sometimes) to have your PATH variable updated properly.

    This of course assumes the python binary directory is set in your PATH. It should be by default (I think), but it may be a checkbox you needed to check during the install.

    Either way, add it to your path and try again.

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