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Multiple qRegisterMetaType<T>() result in Binary compatibility break.

  • Hi everyone,
    I'm getting headaches trying to expose a class to both ActiveX and QtScript.
    In order to expose it to activeX, I use Qt macro QAXCLASS(MyClass) which will call :

    #define QAXCLASS(Class)
    factory = new QAxClass<Class>(typeLibID().toString(), appID().toString());

    Later in my dll handling the script, I will register the class qScriptRegisterMetaType<MyClass*>(eng, qObjectToScriptValue, qObjectFromScriptValue) which will call

    template<typename T>
    int qScriptRegisterMetaType(
        QScriptEngine *eng,
        QScriptValue (*toScriptValue)(QScriptEngine *, const T &t),
        void (*fromScriptValue)(const QScriptValue &, T &t),
        const QScriptValue &prototype = QScriptValue()
    #ifndef qdoc
        , T * /* dummy */ = 0
        const int id = qRegisterMetaType<T>(); // make sure it's registered

    this will compile and link, but on execution I get a qFatal stating that:

    QMetaType::registerType: Binary comaptibility break. Type flags for type 'MyClass*' [2258] don't match. Previously registered TypeFlags(0x104), now registering TypeFlags(0x10c)

    Since all these codes are hidden in Qt macro, is there anything I can do?
    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its not something with const ?

    Seems to be the same TypeFlags values in the bug report but
    im not aware if other qRegisterMetaType scenarios result in same
    ID/values for TypeFlags.

  • No I'm not trying to register const.
    However the first registration happen in the main app (QAXCLASS macro) while the latter is called from a plugin.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hmm, searching Google that error also seen when plugin loaded another version
    of Qt Dlls. ( than main app)
    I assume this cant be the case ?

  • Yes this can't be the case. (the funny part is it compiles fine with Qt4)

  • I finally found the trick. Write my own macro that doesn't blindly call qRegisterMetaType

    #define MYAXTYPE(Class) \
        factory = new MyAxType<Class>(typeLibID().toString(), appID().toString()); \
        if( !QMetaType::isRegistered(QMetaType::type(#Class"*")) ) \
            qRegisterMetaType<Class*>(#Class"*"); \
        keys = factory->featureList(); \
        for (it = keys.begin(); it != keys.end(); ++it) { \
            factoryKeys += *it; \
            factories.insert(*it, factory); \
            creatable.insert(*it, false); \

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