More precision with QGeocoordinate

  • Hello, I'm seeing the class QGeoCoordinate.
    To test it I wrote a very simple code

    #include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QDebug>
    #include <QGeoCoordinate>
    int main (int argc, char * argv [])
    QCoreApplication a (argc, argv);
    QGeoCoordinate g;
    g.setLatitude (45.7293679);
    g.setLongitude (11.9152492);
    g.setAltitude (88.10);
    qDebug () << g.toString (QGeoCoordinate :: degrees);
    qDebug () << g.toString (QGeoCoordinate :: DegreesMinutesSecondsWithHemisphere);
    qDebug () << g.toString (QGeoCoordinate :: DegreesMinutesWithHemisphere);
    return a.exec ();

    the result is:

    "45.72937°, 11.91525°, 88.1m"
    "45° 43' 45.7\" N, 11° 54' 54.9\" E, 88.1m"
    "45° 43.762' N, 11° 54.915' E, 88.1m"

    I ask me if is possibile to have more precision.
    For example, I've specified coordinates with 7 decimals, but

    qDebug () << g.toString (QGeoCoordinate :: degrees);

    returns coordinates with 5 decimals.

    Many thanks for your answer.


  • Moderators

    this is just the default string formatting of this class.
    You can easily format it to your needs for degrees.

    const int precision = 7;
    qDebug() << QString("%1°, %2°, %3m").arg( g.latitude(), 0, 'f', precision ).arg( g.longitude(), 0, 'f', precision ).arg( g.altitude(), 0, 'f', 2);

  • Hi raven-worx and thanks for your reply.
    You've formatted output of QString, but if I would like to have more precision in coordinates conversion?
    For example, the output of this line:

    qDebug() << g.toString(QGeoCoordinate::DegreesMinutesWithHemisphere);


    "45° 43.762' N, 11° 54.915' E, 88.1m"

    but if I wanted to have:

    "45° 43.762123' N, 11° 54.915123' E, 88.11m"

    is possible?


  • Moderators

    same procedure, just some calculations needed.
    I leave it up to you to check the calculations necessary in the source code.

  • Many thanks for your help.


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