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QNetworkReply and deleteLater()

  • Hi there ,

    Last post on this forum I talked about a SIGILL signal that comes up in debug mode in my program on the app.exec() .

    After some research, I think I finally found where my problem is. It seems that when I initiate a QNetWorkRequest the QNetworkReply connected to my finished() SIGNAL seems to not be deleted.

    This is my .cpp

    QNetworkAccessManager *accessweather= new QNetworkAccessManager(this);
        QUrl UrlWeather = (OnlinePath + "/weather?name="+ Nom_SD );
        QNetworkRequest requestWeather (UrlWeather);

    Then I'm cutting the pieces of the content that I don't want with my SLOT "OnFinishWeath" like that

    void Accueil::OnFinishWeath(QNetworkReply*rep)
        QByteArray ba = rep->readAll();
        QString contenu(ba);
              QString patternWeather = "<result>.*</result>" ;
              QRegExp regWeather(patternWeather);
              Weather = regWeather.cap(0);
              Weather = Weather.replace(0, 8,"");
              int posWeather = Weather.indexOf("<",0 );
              Weather = Weather.replace(posWeather,9,"");

    When in debug mode when I run the line accessweather->get(requestWeather); I find the SIGILL signal that chrashes my program.

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    so is this a question?

  • @Amaury said in QNetworkReply and deleteLater():

    QNetworkReply connected to my finished() SIGNAL

    You have no such a thing... you have connect(accessweather,SIGNAL(finished(QNetworkReply*)),accessweather,SLOT(deleteLater())); that deletes the manager, not the reply.

    • add connect(accessweather,&QNetworkAccessManager::finished,[](QNetworkReply* reply)->void{reply->deleteLater();});
    • or change accessweather->get(requestWeather); into accessweather->get(requestWeather)->setParent(accessweather);
    • or just call rep->deleteLater(); inside Accueil::OnFinishWeath(QNetworkReply*rep)

  • @raven-worx
    sorry wasn't explicit but I need to know what I am doing wrong with the delateLater function

    none of this solutions seems to work I still have the SIGILL signal for the last two proposition and have a protected issue for the first one .

    EDIT : The program isn't even running my SLOT " OnFinishWeath" and crashes When I press F10 or F11 in debug mode on my accessweather->get(requestWeather); function

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    Might be a silly question but are you calling accessweather->get(requestWeather); in the same method that you create accessweather ?

    If not, you have a member variable called accessweather that you shadowed when constructing it.

  • Yes I'm calling accessweather->get(requestWeather); in the same method.

    I just found something that might be usefull to those who have this problem .

    It seems that on Raspberry Pi there is some troubles by using the QNetworkAccesManager :

    I didn't understand everything , if there's something to do to stop those signals on Raspberry pls explain to me for now I just inhibited SIGILL signals since it comes only from here ...

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