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After lunch app on iOS I see black screen.

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm using last Qt 5.8 RC1 on iOS platform. When I create new project in QtCreator and try to build it to real device or simulator I see black screen. In console I see this:

    Starting remote process.

    Screenshot from simulator.

    UPDATE: This bug happened only if I use QtCreator with iOS 10.x. But all works fine on iOS 9.x. Also this bug doesn't reproduce in Xcode. If I build my app for Xcode my project work fine on iOS 9.x and iOS 10.x.

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    Which version of Qt Creator are you using ?

  • Thanks for the reply! I.m using QtCreator 4.2 from the official install package of Qt 5.8 RC1 which I download from official site.

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    Can you retry with the official 5.8 release ?

  • Hi,

    I've been tested last release Qt 5,8 on iOS 10.2 Simulator and device. Now this but doesn't reproduce. But now I can't understand why my application can't find my QML plugin. I've check the path (Qt_install_dir)/ios/qml and see my plugin here. But when I try to load my app on device or simulator I've get message:

    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    qrc:/main.qml:5 module "com.shav.uicomponents" plugin "ShavUIComponents" not found

    But this happens only for iOS (on Android don't tested yet), on Mac OS all works fine.

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    If you have plugins then set the QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS environment variable to 1 and check what the output says.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying this variable but can't see any results in debug console. I added it to Build Environment settings inside QtCreator for project. Is this correct? Or I need to add it another way?

    Anyway I created a new topic with this problem.

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    I usually, put it in the Run part of the Project panel.

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