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QState Transition in c++/clr environment

  • Because of using dll, I changed Common Language Runtime Support in my QT project into Common Language Runtime Support (/clr).

    i used: stateExploring->addTransition(ui.startExperiment, &QPushButton::clicked, stateRunning); to change from state "stateExploring" into "stateRunning" when button clicked, it seems that this function doesn't work

    for debugging, I changed into No Common language support, this function worked well.

    it is clear to there is problem in "addtransition" function when using runtime common language clr.

    any one please help me an opinion to run this function in clr support environment
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  • Qt always had problems with clr, you should report your issue to but as a general rule I always separate the C++/CLI functionality in a separate class and call it as a member (pointer) of the main class so that you can compile the C++/CLI source with /clr and the rest without (this is not possible with qmake afaik, but works with VS and CMake)

  • HI,
    It seems that my account doesn't have privilege for reporting a issue

  • All logged in users can report bugs... try this link:!default.jspa

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