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How to arrange documents into specific types of positions using ActiveQt ?

  • I have 4 documents ( in 4 different .docx files ). They need to be arranged into these types of positions:

    Position 1:
    alt text

    Position 2:
    alt text

    My solutions for this are:

    Solution 1: While adding documents, add a number of tabs and/or spaces to the document .
    Solution 2: Add 1x4 or 2x2 pre-defined tables and add the documents to them.

    I use dynamicCall("InsertFile(QString&)" to add documents, However, I don't know what functions to use and how to implement them to arrange the 4 documents into those positions.


    Of all the 4 documents, each document is about the size of "Document 1" , meaning it's shouldnt be longer than one line

    Lots of types of documents will be added to just one file. Some of them will have different positioning from these 2 types ( for example: just one long paragraph ). (-> So I don't think you can use columns )

    What position to use will be decided by the user when they use the app.

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