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Double Help menu on Mac

  • I just installed Qt 5.7.1 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6, XCode 8.2.1.

    Problem: my app now has a menu bar of "File Edit Tools Help Help"

    In my ui file I specify a Help menu; previously Qt joined my help menu items into the system help menu; but now there appear to be 2 help menus. The first one has my Qt made functions and an automatically added Search box. There is also a second Help menu with one item, "(MyAppName) help", selecting this opens my help pages (standard Mac help pages inside the app bundle).

    Bug or new method of handling help pages ?

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    Can you provide a minimal compilable example that shows that behaviour ?

  • After investigation, it seems that if you have set the CFBundleHelpBookFolder and CFBundleHelpBookName keys in the main bundle property list file then OSX adds its own Help menu.

    Note: this is the way Apple do it, see for example /Applications/

    For some reason, when using Qt 5.5 this did not occur but does now I'm using Qt 5.7.1 (actually I updated XCode 8.2 -> 8.2.1 at the same time as Qt 5.5 -> 5.7.1 so that is another possibility).

    I just noticed my function to open help pages is still using Carbon so now I have to implement a Cocoa version or maybe just not use standard Apple help pages.

    I will put together a minimal example and submit to JIRA for evaluation.

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    Thanks for the link !

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