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Qt Creator on UHD Monitor under Linux Mint

  • I have a problem with Qt Creator using a UHD (4k) monitor on a system running Mint Linux. All of the text over which I have not control appears very small, like 5-6 point. On a system with the same monitor, but running Windows 10 this is not a problem as the text size is about 12 points. I looked in the Tools/Options but I can only change the size of the text in the code window in the Text Editor selection. There is nothing in the Environment selection where I would expect to find it.

    Ebe is an Assembly Language IDE, that was developed using Qt, that has Icons for increasing the size of both the font and the icons. That is what I was looking for. I have the same problem with the Mac Xcode IDE, Their answer is to reduce the resolution so the font and icons appear larger. I assume that I the hold over from the early days where everthing was a bit map, not Adobe or TrueType fonts that are scalable. My response to that is that I bought a high resolution monitor because everything looks better and I what to use it.

    Thanks to the sharpness of the rendering of the small text I can still read it, with my nose almost on the screen, but that is not a long term solution. Come on guys, you know all about transformation matrices, you have documented the problems developing application where displays of different resolutions will be used.

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    Did you already saw the HighDPI chapter in the Qt documentation ?

  • Yes, I read that documentation and understand the problem, but my question is directed at a problem with Qt Creator, not my application. As noted, I found Tools/Options to change the program code size, but I cannot control the remainder of the presentation of Qt Creator. It is as if it was created for one resolution and cannot be changed. An example of what I want is Ebe, a Qt application that has a way to change the size of both the text size and the icon size.

    If the Tools/Options also contained a way to adjust the sizes of the other text and icons then the problem would be fixed.

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    Which version of Qt Creator are you using ?

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