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  • Hi Guys,

    i need some Help with Qt Data Visualization.
    i read that Qt Data Visualization is Open Source. So i wanted to use it.
    My Problem :
    I installed the Qt Package with Visual Studio and everything is working. But there is no Qt Data Visualization ?
    How do i get it ?
    I read the Documentation but there is no Instruction how to get it.

    I hope sb can help me .

    Thanks !

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Well they changed the license so
    its possible to use with Open Source without owning a Qt license. AFAIK

    I assume you are up and running and you can run a default GUI project using Qt 5.7 + ?

    Then if we see here

    You must have
    #include <QtDataVisualization>
    using namespace QtDataVisualization;

    QT += datavisualization
    in the .pro file.

    It is part of the Qt5.7 installer
    alt text

    Please see

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