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XmlRole boolean(@something) not working

  • Hi all,
    I couldn't reproduce the example given in the Qt doc about XmlRole for the boolean (here :

    I want to use a boolean like it is given in the QtDoc example :

        <book type="Online" wanted="true">
        // query the wanted attribute as a boolean
        XmlRole { name: "wanted"; query: "boolean(@wanted)" }
    ListView {
        width: 300; height: 200
        model: model
        delegate: Column {
            Text { text: title + " (" + type + ")"; font.bold: wanted }

    But it's not giving me a bool. I found a way to solve my problem :

     XmlRole { name: "lighton"; query: "@on/string()" }
    visible: lighton==="true"

    I hope that this will help other people not spending so much time in that issue.


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