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Qthelp module - highlighting searched terms

  • I am using the qt help module's query/result widgets to have search functionality in the help documentation. I am using the contentWidget to display the help. Everything works fine, but is there a way to highlight the words in the contentWidget that the user searched for in the query widget? If the specific help page is very long, I want the users to be able to quickly find what they're looking for.

    Also on a side note, how can I hide the URL's in the result widget?

    I'm new to Qt, so sorry if there are obvious answers here... I've read all about these classes/widgets and there aren't specific functions that let me do this stuff - and I'm not sure if I can dig into the widget's code and modify it themselves.

  • And the guys I'm working with said that the old help engine would highlight searched terms, so I'm guessing this feature wasn't ditched entirely...

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