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Porting QT 4.8 project to QT5.1 version

  • I have ported QT 4.8 (VC 2010) project to QT 5.7 (VC 2013). I am able to execute the application but facing following issues.

    1. The operating are very very slow. After click on a button it takes upto 1 minute to respond.
    2. One QWidget screen does not respond at all. No mouse or key operations are detected.
      please see I am using win32 libs and win32 project env but OS is win64.

    Any clue what could be wrong?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    I think you will need to put the debugger on it
    and find out where it uses all this extra time.
    Its nearly impossible to just guess at :)

  • In visual studio 2013 you can go:

    DEBUG -> Performance and Diagnostics... -> Performance Wizard -> <start your application>

    It has helped me immensely!

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