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How Can I Indoor Location from QBlueToothLowEnergy

  • I Can't Find Any Answer :<
    Please Help Me

  • Hi SangPilPark,

    i think this would require a lot of work. First you need some BLE tokens periodically sending a uniqe id. Something like http://get.openbeacon.org/ . Then you need a coulpe of devices, at known fixed locations that all measure the signal strength of the tokens in range. Something like QBluetoothDeviceInfo::rssi() would return.
    The last thing you need is collecting the signal strength of a specific token for a specific time point and then implement a triangulation alogorithm.

    Maybe someone else has a link to some open framework or similar, but i doubt it, because the accuracy of the rssi may be to poor to get a usable application.

  • @sneubert Thank you

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