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Styling/Branding app using Qt Symbian Components

  • Hi,

    I'm currently trying to convert my project from my custom made QML UI to Qt Symbian Components. However I have the requirement to use custom colors. E.g. I need the tool bar to be blue instead of black.

    Is there a way to override the default style? I'd like to keep the shapes, margins, etc. but I'd like to override some colors.


  • there is no way to do it with standard symbian Qt Quick components. If you really want it, you need to modify ToolBar.qml code and ship compiled Symbian Qt Quick components .sis file along with your code :(

  • Thanks for the reply. My first look at the code told me the same, but I was hoping that I'm missing something. Not good :(

    I'll check, maybe at least it makes sens to use the new StatusBar and maybe the PageStack stuff...

  • This is one of the comments I have given at my "Initial impressions and Feedback for Qt Quick Components 1.0 for Symbain":

    Developer should be given more control to change LYF of components.

  • Yea, your right. Good points in your thread!

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