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Best architecture using OpenCV to capture real time frame along with image processing

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know what is the best project architecture of capturing real time frame and return the processed frame to qml ? Need your suggestion on my current version:

    There are one qml and three .cpp (worker.cpp, imgReader.cpp, imgProcessing.cpp). The flow would be:

    • Call the worker.cpp's function by button clicked event from qml.

    • The function of worker.cpp emit the signal to imgReader.cpp to query new image from camera.

    • imgReader.cpp send the new queried image back to worker.cpp.

    • worker.cpp received the new image and send it to imgProcessor.cpp

    • After doing some image processing, the result image send back to worker.cpp

    • worker.cpp update the image to qml by QQuickImageProvider

    I put imgReader.cpp, imgProcessor.cpp and worker.cpp in different threads and communicate using signals/slot, is it correct ? Are there any better design? Thanks

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