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Regarding making the QCamera operation portable to all platforms

  • Hi,

    I have a statement as the topic says,
    why cant we have the QCamera working for all platforms, say WIndows, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Cent OS.

    Reading the documentation came through in some platforms, it does not support one or the other feature.

    Say in Windows - Video Recordeing.
    Android , iOS - Camera Preview.

    So can u guys please make it compatible for all the platforms and all the features.

    I know u guys are working on it, and when can we have it?.

    And QML camera is working in all platforms, having the video recorder and camera preview in platforms.

    Please let me know as everyone will be eager to try this in all platforms.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You're on the wrong channel to ask such question. The interest mailing list would be more appropriate.

  • Hi

    sorry for that
    and thanks for providing the link.


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