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Qt Creator bare metal for ARM cross compiler options

  • Hi

    I have been using QtCreator as the IDE for embedded C development on microcontrollers quite intensively. Once the setup is up and running, it is a very nice environment.
    However, to get the setup working for a new type of device and SDK, it is always quite tricky.
    What I do not understand, is how the cpp module is configured in the qbs file. There is some obscure options like "optimization" and "debugInformation", but I do not understand how they are "translated" into command line option for the cross compiler for ARM.

    Where is this defined or configured? Is it hidden somewhere in the bare metal plugin? How can I modify this?

    A second question is : can I use the qbs command line builder with the .qbs file as input in some way? Now there seems to be a complete disconnect between tool chain setup and project definition in the qbs file in QtCreator, from a qbs "makefile" for qbs from the command line. I would like to integrate my project in Jenkins automated build, but in the end, I ended up writing a makefile for that. But that is of course a real pitty, as this is double work.


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