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Harmattan - It works :)

  • Hello guys,

    just this night I've released the first N9 Harmattan application to the customer. I am finishing to prepare a generic project with a parametric framework to build complex UI components tested for N9 compatibility too. I will put them on in few days.

    Cheers :)

  • Congrats and good to know that.. How are you testing them for N9?? on emulator??

  • Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing your project.

  • Thanks... I have done a very "garage" work.

    Due to an actual NDA I can't publish nothing about the development for now. But it was a real adventure! I asked to the nokia launchpad (I am a member) for one N950 kit but I have not had yet any answer. Thus locally I developed on the emulator and every new working step of the app I sent the zipped project to the client in N.Y. There fortunately he has a N950 device so after unpacking and installing on it he was showing me what's happen "sending" the live screen with skype videocalls (I'm in Spain :) ) The application was designed to work in portrait mode only (orientation locked) but unfortunately the actual version od the meego 1.2 Qemu has a bug (I supose) that works only in ladscape mode :D
    This process was repeated until this night all the problems was fixed...

  • Waiting to see it at

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