I want to get directory address

  • Hi
    I want to get directory address ( like g:\document\armin\qt ) by getExistingDirectoryUrl.
    I don't get error but i don't have any address from directory i did choose.

    void MainWindow::on_toolButton_clicked()
      urll = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectoryUrl();
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_3_clicked()
        ui->label_14->text() = urll.toString();

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    You must tell more about what is not working.
    if I run your code it does give me path


  • @mrjj Thanks
    I want to save file in directory which selected by getExistingDirectoryUrl() function .

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    @Armin And what is the problem?Is this urll the same in both slots? Is on_toolButton_clicked() executed before on_pushButton_3_clicked() ? How do you store the file?

  • @jsulm Thank you
    For example : you want to determine which where your file be save , so you should determine a directory url , for instance : c:/document/arminfolder
    So i use a button which open my directory in windows. but i can't save directory in variable

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    @Armin Are you aware that this is wrong?

    ui->label_14->text() = urll.toString();

    If you want to set text in a label then you need to do:


    It is all in the documentation.

  • @jsulm oh sorry , i forget
    You right and my problem solve

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