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Qt Quick Designer: Do you use it? Why?

  • Greetings, new guy here.

    I am a Qt Quick novice with just two college level applications under my belt. In the past I've wanted to use the designer with .ui.qml files, but with the limitations that it has I've always found rather useless and prefer to write in everything in .qml files instead.

    I'm curious how often more experienced developers use it?
    When is it a good idea to use it? When is it not?
    Or is just writing in .qml files just as good?


  • I'm also kinda a novice(well not really, just relearning the stuff) in Qt Quick, so here my go at it:

    If you have a customer/project manager behind your back that wants to see what you are currently doing, use the designer. Otherwise it's in most cases just as fast(or even faster, you don't need to navigate through the UI) to write everything per hand instead.

  • I don't use Designer for Qt Quick Controls projects at all. For me it's much faster and actually easier to do all I want right in QML. And I like it.
    By the way, Quick Controls gallery looks so bad in Designer comparing with Widgets gallery.

  • I have more than three years of experience in QML, and I have never used Qt Quick Designer at all. Just tried it a couple of times to see how it works, but personally I find it more easier and faster to write qml code directly.

    I just got used to that and it's my own experience, it may be different for somebody else.

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