Qt/E 5 on Hisilicon's framebuffer

  • Hello, members.

    I used QT/E 4.8.6 on hisilicon cpu.
    My CPU working in ARGB1555 framebuffer, but QT/E not support ARGB1555 color format.
    I resolved this problem used DirectFB.

    In now, I prepare upgrade GUI systems to QT/E 5.

    1. How about QT/E 5 with ARGB1555 color format? Is that support?
    2. If not, how can I solve this problem without change color format?
    3. Is there way to using DirectFB(or some other FB driver) with QT/E 5 for support ARGB1555?

    Thank you and have a good day.

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    Qt 5 also has a DirectFB backend so you could maybe start with this one.

    Hope it helps.

  • @SGaist Thank you for reply. I'll try that.

  • @Sung-Sean
    Hello Sung Sean,

    Could you please let me know what are the configuration options that you have used to build Qt 5 for using DirectFB.?

    In my case I am trying to enable directFB with configuration option -directfb. But configuration is failing. Could you please help me by posting the option you used to configure directfb?


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