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Cross-compiling gstreamer and building Qt 5 for embedded target

  • I understand that to have QtMultimedia library for my embedded target, I need cross-compiled gstreamer when building Qt 5 sources.

    If my embedded rootfs doesn't have this file, is it correct to first cross-compile gstreamer and then configure Qt 5 sources by appending -gstreamer 1.0 to configure?

    if not, what is a better approach as oppose to this method?


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    Who is providing you that rootfs ? What is running on it ? Depending on that, you might be able to install GStreamer directly on it through your device and then use it for development.

  • @SGaist the rootfs is vendor-supplied and contains some of my embedded board drivers.

    I've checked with the vendor and they don't have Gstreamer. but on the embedded board itself there's no make function & compiler as everything is performed on my host PC with the cross-compiler.

    And yet i'm having issues cross-compiling gstreamer for my embedded device. Would the correct approach be cross-compiling gstreamer in host PC and then build my Qt sources with appended -gstreamer 1.0; and then after that copy the cross-compiled gstreamer files directly into my embedded target board itself?

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    That's the usual way to do it if you can't have something from the vendor.

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