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Showing video in qml

  • Hi,

    I am beginner in qml and qt, so my question is maybe little primitive, but after some hours of googling I didn't find appropriate answer.

    I want to show live camera output in qml app. I have C++ snippet that works in QtWidget app (I used code from camera manufacturer and this tutorial to do that:
    OpenGL Widget to show OpenCV images in a Qt GUI
    ), but don't know how to do that in QtQuick app. Can you give me some advice about that or some example easy to understand?

    I started to study this example: , but didn't sure will be that useful for me. Can I use Q_PROPERTY to send frames to qml?

  • Hi! You need to implement your own visual item for use with QtQuick. There are two options for this: Either create your own class inheriting from QQuickPaintedItem or create a class inheriting from QQuickItem. The second approach is a bit more complicated but has the best performance. The first appoach is slower but also simpler because you can use QPainter to render your item. See Writing QML Extensions with C++ to get an idea of how to use said first option.

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