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New Qt Creator(4.1.0) is way slower than the old one (3.5.1).

  • So for a while now I had been using the 3.5.1 version. It's been working fine, really, few complaints. But it was installed in a bit of a hacky way, so yesterday I've decided to upgrade to 4.1.0 (installing it from Debian testing repos). First of all the debugger wouldn't work with any of my old projects. But that was OK, i just cleaned all the qt files and re-run the builder on the source files alone. But then the debugger is painfully slow, compared to the old QtCreator I had. Every time I place a random breakpoint somewhere or press pause while the program is running it takes like 10-20 seconds for it to actually halt with the rest of the IDE being unresponsive, whereas with the old version it was pretty much instantaneous. Stopping the execution sometimes causes a massive memory leak, making the program unresponsive. The code highlights/colors are all over the place, and each variable takes like 4-5 seconds to display the right formatting after typing it in, and half of the time it's not even showing the right color. What are the actual differences between the 4.1.0 and the 3.5.1, so I can configure it to run like it used to?

  • Hi! Looks like your linux distribution provides broken packages. Better use the tools from the official Qt distribution (

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    I use stretch and QtCreator 4.1 and I experience none of the problems described.

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