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[SOLVED]Problems with building a dll library for widgets in Visual Studio

  • Im trying to build a widget library in a dll so that I can share it among other apps. This library uses dialogs (made from form files) to present information to the user. I have built a tester appliction to test the library as well. I am using MSVC 2008.

    The problems I have are

    • can't seem to compile the library nor the tester at times. There are linker errors (cant rememebr the exact wording but something with regards to metacall). But they can be avoided if I right click on the project in Solutions Explorer and set Qt Project settings -> Moc Directory (i have to toggle between . and ./GeneratedFiles each time i make a change to the dll project)
    • Even when I do get the solution compiled successfully (by managing to swtich the MocDirectory of Qt Project Settings that is), I am unable to debug into the dll project's source. This is something I can't seem to get to work no matter i tinker with.

    Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take to get my project to compile proerply without messing with the MocDirectory and also to allow debugging to step into the dll project.

  • Can someone please provide some help ? I'm sure many wud have experience building dlls from visual studio and using them.

  • Please help us to help you :-)

    Which linker errors do you mean? Paste the output of the build-procoss at pastebin.com und paste the url here. I'm sure we can help you a bit more...

  • Here is the link to pastebin when compiling the application (Tester) using the shared library dll.

    edit: Pardon me, the error was actually from another library that Im using at the moment. I had failed to include the lib of that library and that was causing the abiove link errors.
    Anyways I seemed to have grasped some idea about the sitution and hope to present the problem in a more meaningful manner.

  • Solved. Problem was related to "this":http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1200268/qt4-in-visual-studio-2008-moc-ed-files-get-excluded-from-build Had to set the MocDirectory in relation to the BuildConfiguration.

  • Nice. Congrats. Please add [SOLVED] to your thread. Have a nice day.

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