• I find a bug for signal and slot :

    signal function define in a thread class:
    private slots:
    void RefreshUI(UCHAR uCmd);

    signal-slot connect :

    slot funcion define in a Widget class:
    void UpdataUI(UCHAR uCmd);

    if you call emit RefreshUI(3) UpdataUI() function doesn't trigger. but if you alter the parameter type for int or other type , not is UCHAR ,UpdataUI() function can be trigger, Do you meet it ?

  • Hi , friend, You used the wrong way!

    private slots:
    void RefreshUI(UCHAR uCmd); // this is slot function

    signal-slot connect :
    connect(m_pDT,SIGNAL(RefreshUI(UCHAR)),this,SLOT(UpdataUI(UCHAR)),QT::QueuedConnection); // this is wrong way.

    connect( signalObj ,SIGNAL(UpdataUI(UCHAR)), slotObj, SLOT(RefreshUI(UCHAR)), QT::QueuedConnection);

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    @JOHN.CHEN It is not a bug. If you use custom data types like UCHAR you need to register them, so Qt can use them for signals/slots. See
    Also you should check the return value which is returned by connect(). It returns false if it could not connect. And if the connection fails you will see a warning in the console.
    And you're using signals/slots wrong: void RefreshUI(UCHAR uCmd) is a slot but you use it like a signal!

  • @jsulm said in SIGNAL - SLOT BUG:

    hUI(UCHAR uCmd) is a slot but you use it lik

    just i modify the signal and slot function's parameter type for int type or long type,it's ok . only UCHAR type is not tigger . UCHAR define -->QT TYPE (typedef unsigned char UCHAR)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    As @jsulm wrote, you have to register your custom type even if it's "just" a typedef, you have to make it known to the Qt meta type system.


    UCHAR define -->QT TYPE (typedef unsigned char UCHAR)

    the type uchar is defined by Qt not UCHAR.
    UCHAR is defined by the WINDOWS SDK.

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