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Question for QGLWidget.

  • I made some widgets by inheriting QGLWidget.
    I'll call them as W1, W2, W3.
    They are used to draw graphes.
    Sometimes, they did wrong action.
    For examples, when I set W1->resize(), W2 is resized.
    After I set W1->draw(), when I do some action(click button, or ,,,), the picture of W1 is copy to W2 or W3.

    It seems that there are some shared portion among them, but I don't know exact cause.
    Actually these three widget have similar structure.
    However, their name are different and, W3 is declared in other module.
    Is there any one to help me?

  • @Fivestar Do you have a simple project built that can be shared on GitHub or PasteBin that will allow us to review your code ?

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