How can i set QdeclarativeEngine to QDeclarativeView ?

  • In QDeclarativeView there is a const engine() method but there is no setEngine() method.
    How can i connect between my own QDeclarativeEngine and my own QDeclarativeView ?

  • QDeclarativeView creates QDeclarativeEngine for you. Thats the engine you get when you call engine(). I don't think you are allowed to set engine to QDeclarativeView.

  • It's not allowed. Maybe you can elaborate why you need it and we will try to find other way to solve your problem?

  • Although you can't set the engine on the QDeclarativeView, you can directly use a combination of the QDeclarativeEngine, QDeclarativeContext, and QGraphicsView.

    static QDeclarativeEngine *engine = new QDeclarativeEngine;
    static QDeclarativeComponent component(engine, QUrl::fromLocalFile("main.qml"));

    QGraphicsView *viewer = new QGraphicsView;
    viewer->setScene(new QGraphicsScene);
    QDeclarativeContext *context = new QDeclarativeContext(engine);
    QGraphicsObject *object = qobject_cast<QGraphicsObject*>(component.create(context));


    If called multiple times, the above code snippet uses a single engine and component to create multiple views each with their own context and instance of the component.

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