Qt 5 and cross-compiler toolchain

  • what does it actually means when you install Qt into your toolchain / cross-compiler?

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    @embdev Where do you have it from? You don't install Qt into a toolchain - you use the toolchain to build Qt and your applications.

  • @jsulm, from some support I get, regarding my question

    "if my toolchain doesn't come with Qt, theoretically if I build Qt
     for my embedded device and then place the cross-compiled libraries into my  embedded device; is this the same as installing Qt into the toolchain?" 

    So the response is that
    "when Qt is built, the <make install> should place Qt libraries into the toolchain so when building my app, it can link to it. The same Qt lib should be copied to the device to the same location where it's located with in the toolchain."

    Would you be able to evaluate on this response?

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    It means that if you cross-compile Qt and then call make install, it will install Qt on your desktop machine to be used with your cross-compiler. Then if you want to run a Qt application on your device you'll have to copy the installed Qt at the same place on your device filesystem.

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