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What is the best way to do this

  • Imagine that I have an input where the user specify an url address, I want my application to parse that address and call the right handler for that address.
    For example, I have a base class for handlers and classes that inherit from the base class. Each handler will result a string with information from that address and each handler will download the page, parse and so on...
    I was wondering, is there a design pattern to help me with that? I mean, how my application know which handler to instantiate?
    I don't want to be using if and elses, it seems to be a bad design.

    Thank you.

  • @Defohin I don't know if there is a design pattern for this but to avoid giant if/else I like to use maps.

    You can do something like:

    class Handler
       void handleIt();
    class HttpHandler : public Handler
    class FtpHandler : public Handler
    class X
       void doSomething(const QString &protocol);
       static QMap<QString, Handler *> handlerMap_;
    // .cpp file
    QMap<QString, Handler *> X::handlerMap_;
       // init map here
       if (handlerMap_.empty())
          handlerMap_["http"] = new HttpHandler;
          handlerMap_["ftp"] = new FtpHandler;
          // etc with all protocols you want to handle
    void X::doSomething(const QString &protocol)
       if (!handlerMap_.contains(protocol))
          return; // we dont handle that protocol
       auto handler = handlerMap_.value(protocol);

    That all just came out of my head real quick so it may not compile or be 100% syntactically correct, but it should give you the idea. The map is static so it isn't built every time you instantiate your class X. It doesn't need to be but will be better on memory and speed if it is. :)

  • That is a really nice approach, I will wait for other answers, I think that might be other ways out there.
    Thank you very much.

  • @SGaist @mrjj Do you have an approach to solve this?

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    The idea of @ambershark is simple yet effective. Good starting point for the problem you described.

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