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c++ template

  • How do i remove : int main(int argc, char *argv[]) and substitute : int main()

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    Do you mean you want to modify the project template when you choose "Plain C++ application" in Qt Creator's new project wizard?

    If that's the case then you can edit the templates in the Qt Creator's directory. For plain c++ app the file you want to modify is
    <QtCreator install dir>/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/projects/plaincpp/main.cpp.

  • i am on a mac os 10.11 There is no QtCreator install dir>/share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/projects/plaincpp/main.cpp.
    There is a qtcreator but clicking that executes qtcreator. Any other suggestion .Please help

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    I used <QtCreator install dir> as a placeholder. It's the directory where Qt Creator is installed. I don't know what that is on your computer.
    I know nothing about macs but I imagine there is a way in that OS to find files/folders right?

  • Hi I am also on 10.11, in my case the file is the directory /Users/henry/Qt/Qt and it is called main.cpp

    Edit: if you cannot go inside Qt using Apple's Finder, try right-clicking and select "Show Package Contents"

  • hskoglund
    This is absolutely correct Thank you very much

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