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QT5.5.1 - QML applications failing with wayland plugin.

  • I was able to compile and execute a simple Hello world widget application using qt in Target :
    To run the application with wayland plugin after following steps:
    1)Setting the env variable: export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/0 -
    2)weston --device=/dev/fb0 --tty=3 --backend=fbdev-backend.so &

    ./Helloworld -platform wayland-egl

    Eventhough it was showing "failed to initialize EGL display", I was succesfully able to view the output.

    Cross compiled an QT qml application in Qt 5.5.1 creator and executed in target. It was giving error "failed to initialize EGL display" and segmentation fault. I was using wayland -egl plugin here also.

    At the same time QT widget applications in qt examples are also was working fine. But QT examples based on qml are giving segmentation fault.

    Can any one help ?. Thanks in advance.

    It seems i am stuck up here.!!! Can any one provide some inputs so that i can try from there on .???

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