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SCXML Statemachine donedata event

  • Hallo,

    I am exprimenting with the new QScxmlStateMachine. Currently I am running a state machine with JavaScript data model and I am wondering how to catch the donedata event.

    For example my statemachine defines the following final state:

    <final id="finished">
            <param name="DoneValue" expr="1" />

    According to the SCXML spec (section 3.7.2)

    When the state machine enters the <final> child of a <state> element, the SCXML Processor must generate the event after completion of the <onentry> elements, where id is the id of the parent state.

    an event should be send when the final state is reached. My question now is, how can I catch the event on C++/QML side. I have alread tried a generice event handler like as shown below but now done event occurred.

    Connections {
        target: stateMachine
        onEventOccurred: {

    May someone could give me a hint.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Wolf Bublitz

  • Moderators

    This is a user forum and it's somewhat unlikely you'd get a good answer here, because your question relates to a technical preview module.
    I suggest you ask on the mailing list where you might find the actual developers of the module.

    Kind regards.

  • Why don't you just send a signal

    <final id="finished">
           <send type="qt:signal" event="done"/>

    don't forget to turn on the qt mode to receive signals on the c++ side

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!-- enable-qt-mode: yes -->
    <scxml ....

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