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how to automate pri file generation?

  • Hi,

    How can i automate the generation of a pri file?
    Would be nice the use the vcxproj file as input if possible.

    I tried to use "qmake -project -o output.pri". It generates a pro file that i rename as pri. And only works with qmake version 2.0.1 (not with version 3.0). So thats probably also not the way to go...

    The export pri in the qt plugin for visual studio works fine, but that cant be automated...


  • @Koen-de-Gruijter

    The question is from what?

    When you are using Qt creator and include a .pri in your .pro, you can update the files listed in .pri easily in creator.

  • @koahnig

    I am developing in visual studio. Because i also want to deploy my aplication for linux i need to export the vcxproj file to somthing qmake understands. i know its possible to export it from the plugin(might also be possible in qt creator, i havent checked). but how can i automate the process?

  • @Koen-de-Gruijter

    I was using VS in the past as well. You are just reminding me why I switched to creator.

    Sorry, I cannot help you with this.

    Good luck

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