iOS subdirs project issues

  • Consider the following file

    CONFIG += c++11
    TEMPLATE = subdirs
    SUBDIRS += \
        aop_logger \
        aop_xml \
        aop_serial \
        aop_util \
        aop_measure \
        MoreMath \
        MathUtilities \
        DataCollection \
        DebugLogger \
        BufferedSharedMemory \
        AvionicsBus \
        AircraftDataModel \
        WindModel \
        TableLookups \
        configuration \
        AtosUtils \
        dna \
        aop_data \
        aop_comm \
        tap_data \
        tap_messaging \
        RouteContainer \
        arinc_io_adapter \
        aop_interface \
    aop_comm.depends = dna
    aop_data.depends = WindModel TableLookups
    aop_interface.depends = aop_comm
    aop_xml.depends = aop_logger
    aop_serial.depends = aop_xml
    dna.depends = configuration
    tap_display_app.depends = tap_messaging aop_interface
    tap_messaging.depends = tap_data dna aop_comm

    The application is in the tap_display_app subdir at the very bottom of the list. When I run qmake on this file to generate my xcode project files, I have to use

    qmake -spec macx-xcode -recursive

    It generates a bunch of warnings saying:

    WARNING: QMAKESPEC does not support multiple BUILDS

    The bigger problem is that in the resulting Xcode project file, the top-level project which is the SUBDIRS project "tap_display" has no targets. I have to explicitly set the target by clicking the tap_display_app project and then the tap_display_app target in Xcode.

    Is there a better way to do this? I want to be able to run qmake, load the xcode project and pretty much click "build". I know its not as simple as this because there are other settings that need to be set, but selecting the project and target shouldn't be one of them (IMO).

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    That might be iOS specific, can you check if you get the same when building for macOS ?

  • @SGaist The behavior is the same regardless of the target platform. If build it in Qt Creator its fine, but that's not a viable solution for iOS apps. I haven't tried using qmake to generate my Linux make files or MSVC project files to see if those behave any better.

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