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Minimum requirements open-source project

  • So I'm willing to open-source my screen-sharing program. I also use other technologies than Qt, and use it together with the Qt application.

    I send the screen-data to a server, but I want the person to find his own way to use the screen-data with a server. Or am I obliged to open-source the server code too?

    And what are the minimum requirements where I can put the code?

    Can I let's say, first ask for someone in a form why they want to use it, and then give them the code (no matter what the reason)?
    How open must it be?

    I'm going to static link the application.

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    Do you mean
    "How much do i need to be open source and still be allowed to use static linking?"

    -what are the minimum requirements where I can put the code?
    include with the binaries is the safest bet. ( no one can sue you for that)

    Your form web page, might be enough. ( Disclaimer, im not a lawyer )

    • am I obliged to open-source the server code too?
      If you static link the server code with Qt, then yes.

  • Yes that's what I meant :)

    I created the server code in C#, I just have 1 piece of code that send the Qt data to the C# server, couldn't I just remove that line and comment "Find your own way to use the screen-data"?

    FYI, I have the Qt app that records the screen, the server gets the data and sends it to a client. I want to open-source the Qt app, not the C# client code and the web-client (yet). After all it isn't really working, but I can give instructions.

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    If the server is c# you can freely choose to have it closed and only
    open source the client.

    If you make it possible to download the source for the client, via the web form or
    git then you abide to the rule that "if you distribute binaries by download, you must provide “equivalent access” to download the source" and it should be fine.

    Mind you im not lawyer so you better check what you use from Qt. Some do have other
    licences. ( or used to , like QChart)

    That said, if this is just a home project and you just want static linking for ease of use and do provide the source code, I be surprised if you got in troubles. :)

  • @mrjj Thanks a lot! I don't ask money for it, so if I do something wrong I must be in less trouble I guess, I'll do some further research to be sure

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    Np. Sounds like a cool project.
    Sort of a mini teamviewer ?

  • @mrjj Yep, you are also able to view and control through a website, it works awesome

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    Ok, please update post when you make it public so I can try it :)

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