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QT Creator open Disassembler view before breakpoint

  • Hi, Anybody can tell me why the QT Creator open Disassembler view before run into the first breakpoint in debug mode? thanks.

    //it's weird. when I run the program in debug mode, QT creator, sometimes, it shows the assert warning. but if I run the program not in debug mode, it works well.

    And every time I start the program in debug mode, before stopping at first break point, QT Creator must shows a disassembler view.
    0x7764000c cc int3
    0x7764000d <+0x0001> c3 ret
    0x7764000e <+0x0002> 90 nop
    0x7764000f <+0x0003> 90 nop
    0x77640010 <+0x0004> 90 nop
    0x77640011 <+0x0005> 90 nop
    0x77640012 <+0x0006> 90 nop
    0x77640013 <+0x0007> 90 nop
    0x77640014 <+0x0008> 90 nop
    0x77640015 <+0x0009> 90 nop
    0x77640016 <+0x000a> 90 nop
    0x77640017 <+0x000b> 90 nop
    0x77640018 <+0x000c> 90 nop
    0x77640019 <+0x000d> 90 nop
    0x7764001a <+0x000e> 90 nop
    0x7764001b <+0x000f> 90 nop
    0x7764001c <+0x0010> 90 nop
    0x7764001d <+0x0011> 90 nop
    0x7764001e <+0x0012> 90 nop
    0x7764001f <+0x0013> 90 nop
    0x77640020 <+0x0014> 8b 4c 24 04 mov 0x4(%esp),%ecx
    0x77640024 <+0x0018> f6 41 04 06 testb $0x6,0x4(%ecx)
    0x77640028 <+0x001c> 74 05 je 0x7764002f <ntdll!DbgBreakPoint+35>
    0x7764002a <+0x001e> e8 a1 1d 01 00 call 0x77651dd0 <ntdll!ZwTestAlert>
    0x7764002f <+0x0023> b8 01 00 00 00 mov $0x1,%eax
    0x77640034 <+0x0028> c2 10 00 ret $0x10
    0x77640037 <+0x002b> 90 nop

  • Hello,

    Perhaps do you have a data breakpoint in your list of breakpoints ?

  • No, I am not set a data breakpoint, in fact, I don't know how to what is data breakpoint in QT Creator.

  • Qt Champions 2019

    @samzhcs1 Do you use a debug or release build to debug?
    Where did you put the break-point?

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