QT and sandboxing apps for Mac OS ?

  • Hello,

    it sounds like Apple is again changing some rules and will make bunch of apps not working in the future with this sandboxing.

    Our Apps runs on Mac OS X.6 using QT... What can we do to get our qt apps sandboxed?

    Thank you for all your input

  • Any pointers with some further infos about that sandbox thingie? A quick search on google with "os x lion sandbox" yields nothing promising to read...

  • if you are an apple developer you can watch this video..


  • Thank's - I'll have a look tomorrow.

  • Any news about that? I think App Store is a very important thing for Qt and it should do its best to make publishing there a very easy step, as easy as pushing a button on Qt Creator.

  • i have not received any answer on this one... If you use QT to do apps for the Apple store deadline is November 1st.

    Does anyone knows how to have that to work?

  • So after November 1st Qt cannot be used to send apps to mac store due to that Lion's sandboxing? And Qt staff has nothing to say?

  • This is not an official channel for announcements. You might want to check the "bug tracker":https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com for any issues on that, for example "QTBUG-21609":https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-21609. If it is important for you, vote it up and/or leave a comment over there. This way the Qt staff gets more attention for the issue than in this forum (which is monitored only by a few Qt devs).

  • Thanks Volker, I already voted that "bug". What wonders me is that searching on internet "Qt lion sand boxing" I only get eric_vi questions in 2 or 3 places, and no one has an answer to this (I really think) very important issue of Qt. I was thinking of using Qt to do an app for mac store but with that sandbox thing it seems I can't use it :(

  • well one of the big issue and i posted that elsewhere ... there is no way to move a project from qt to xcode 4 on Lion, and from what i see i am not sure you can sandbox correctly without xcode 4 and lion.

    According to the answer it seems .pro to xcode4 is under way with 4.8 RC, question is when it will be available so we can start working and testing and will it be really working(!) because november 1st is like tomorrow!

  • A release date for Qt 4.8 has not been announced yet.

    The Lion/sandbox issue wasn't a topic here on DevNet (despite this thread of course), so it seems that only few developers seem to target the mac appstore.

    I understand that this situation is uncomfortable for you.

    Regarding XCode 4 support, are there any special means to support sandboxing? I never tried it myself, but I'd guess that at least the command line (Makefiles) should work?

  • there are many qt apps on the apple store that is why i am surprised there are no more people stressed out!

    regarding special means to support sandboxing well i am not sure about it.... but sandboxing app seems to be a lion feature according to what i understand ( meaning that Apple are pushing developers and users to adopt their new OS in less than 6 months after release which is an absolute shame, but people tends to say this is genius those days)... xcode 3 does not work correctly on Lion, so remains XCode 4.. meaning the qt to xcode 4 better work seamlessly to avoid annoying hacking...then it seems from the bug report there are other issues.. but this i have not experienced yet since i am stuck in this port and cannot experiment more.

  • Any advance in this issue, eric?

    Thank you :)

  • I get a mail form apple, the deadline changed.

    Sandboxing your app is a great way to protect systems and users by limiting the resources apps can access and making it more difficult for malicious software to compromise users' systems.
    As of March 1, 2012 all apps submitted to the Mac App Store must implement sandboxing. Enabling the default sandbox environment is as simple as checking the Enable Entitlements checkbox in Xcode target settings, allowing you to begin sandboxing your app.
    If your app requires access to sandboxed system resources you will need to include justification for using those entitlements as part of the submission to the Mac App Store. Apps that are being re-engineered to be sandbox compatible may request additional temporary entitlements. These entitlements are granted on a short-term basis and will be phased out over time.

  • Would it be possible to not use QFileDialog and instead write a class to use directly the needed cocoa API in objective-C? It should work, shouldn't it? It doesn't seem a too much work, altought if defeats Qt's purpose. A link explaining how to mix C++ and Objective-C in a Qt project: http://el-tramo.be/blog/mixing-cocoa-and-qt

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